Thursday, December 11, 2008

Article on the Current State of Electro Rap

"A good example is Kid Cudi. His song “Day N Nite” and its related remixes were huge this year on the European club circuit, with its minimalist, gated beat and melodic sing-song raps. So huge, in fact, that Diplomats member Jim Jones was inspired to make his own version of the track, with his own semi-professional music video. This is a guy who once made his money on rugged street tracks in the name of drug corner supremacy and here he is, suddenly amped to make a plaintive pseudo-cover of a rap ballad about being a lonely stoner. He’s since dropped shockingly referential raps on a bootleg remix of MGMT‘s “Electric Feel.”

Here is a link to a very interesting article discussing this emergence of electro rap and how CuDi has shown the potential of this genre of music. I highly suggest reading this article in its entirety.

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