Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny Vid of KiD CuDi Getting Star Struck by LL Cool J

Its funny to see how he reacts when LL comes up behind him. Check it out!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

KiD CuDi in the studio with Cons

Thanks to ConsTV, Here we see KiD CuDi in the studio withe Consequence working on Con's upcoming album "You Win Some, You Lose, Some" Also in the studio with them is Kanye West, Plain Pat, and Emile. With people like this in the studio, this album is gonna be pretty dope. 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pics and Vid of CuDi from 10Deep Holiday Jumpie

Last night 10Deep hosted their Holiday Jumpie event and thanks to we have some really cool pictures. Includes a picture with CuDi alongside fellow XXL Freshman Asher Roth. I've always liked the pictures they take on this site. 

Here is a link to the rest of the slideshow:

KiD CuDi with the Rotten Apple Chicks

Here is a video of KiD CuDi just clownin' around with the Rotten Apple Chicks from 
He seems like a fun guy to hangout with. Reminds me of some of goofy 
acts that you see from Lupe Fiasco. 

Article on the Current State of Electro Rap

"A good example is Kid Cudi. His song “Day N Nite” and its related remixes were huge this year on the European club circuit, with its minimalist, gated beat and melodic sing-song raps. So huge, in fact, that Diplomats member Jim Jones was inspired to make his own version of the track, with his own semi-professional music video. This is a guy who once made his money on rugged street tracks in the name of drug corner supremacy and here he is, suddenly amped to make a plaintive pseudo-cover of a rap ballad about being a lonely stoner. He’s since dropped shockingly referential raps on a bootleg remix of MGMT‘s “Electric Feel.”

Here is a link to a very interesting article discussing this emergence of electro rap and how CuDi has shown the potential of this genre of music. I highly suggest reading this article in its entirety.

CuDi's unreleased track?

Yesterday I posted a video in which I claimed that CuDi had an unreleased track with some Kanye samples on it. However, now that I listen to it I realized that this was the intro from the Sky High Mixtape by DJ Benzi x Kanye West. So it makes me wonder if this was just another CuDi freestyle or if he actually using this track. Either way it was a nice rap. 

Here is the video 

And here is the song

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Q-Tip sees KiD CuDi as the future of hip hop

In an interview with Q-tip discussed where he saw hip-hop going. In reference to the comment   “We’re coming back to a different approach. It’s not going to be De La Soul or Queen Latifah again, it’ll be The Cool Kids and Kid Cudi." 

This is awesome for KiD CuDi to have the support of such greats like Tip!