Wednesday, November 5, 2008

LEAKED: 88-Keys ft. KiD CuDi - Ho' Is Short for Honey

This beat is so nuts. The song leaked on the internet, it is only the clean version. We all knew this album would be straight fire. But after hearing this song I think we are looking at a different level. This album will be game changing!

Make sure you buy this album available on November 11th!!

The link for the leak can be found at


cav said...

post dl links to the songs if you want your blog to be good espically since your a specialty blog on a single artist..

Mark said...

I am still considering whether or not to do that. I don't want blogspot taking down the blog. I am leaning towards doing it.

cav said...

o yeah but they shouldnt bother you if your just posting single tracks..they usually only care about albums being posted