Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Samples from "A Kid Named CuDi"

Alright so we all know that hip hop producers sample, and that is what makes the art great. I am not here to say that using samples is not creative, in fact I personally believe that it is an art within itself to chop up a sample to make it your own. Anyways, this post is to inform you of samples that KiD CuDi used on his mixtape "A Kid Named Cudi"

Kid CuDi - Maui Wowie
Sample:Grind Mode - I'm So High 

Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon
Nosaj Thing - Aquarium

Kid Cudi - Cudi Spazzin
N.E.R.D. - Spaz (I know this one is obvious)

Kid Cudi - The Prayer
Band of Horses - The Funeral

Kid Cudi - Down 'N Out
Outkast - Chonkyfire

Kid Cudi - 50 Ways to Make a Record
Paul Simon - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

Kid Cudi - Cudi Get
J Dilla - Wild (which samples the following song)
Quiet Riot -Cum on Feel the Noize (This is the original version of the song, but I feel like Cudi sampled a cover of the song)
For more info on the various covers of this song check out Wikipedia

Kid Cudi - Embrace The Martian
Crookers - Embrace The Martian (Not a sample but just a note that Cudi was feartured on the Crookers Mad Kidz EP which can be bought at amazon)

Kid Cudi - Save My Soul (The CuDi Confession)
Gnarls Barkey - Who's Gonna Save my Soul?

Alright if you guys know of some more let me know and I will update this post.

I found most of these myself, but I did get some help 
iLL Vibes , msquared64 and FlyMX &Charlie bitme from


Chike said...

Just so you know... it's not just the fact that this is hip hop that made Cudi use all these songs instead of more original beats. It's a mixtape, and that's pretty standard practice that you can rap over people's stuff on mixtapes. When he comes out with his own album, there will be samples, sure, but not obvious grabbing of recent songs without any major changes.

Vusikhaya said...

what about Is there any Love?

Vusikhaya said...
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LaReina said...

cudi sampled trevor dandy for is there any love ;)

Vusikhaya said...

Thanks a lot!
even tho Im so late I really appreciate it;)

Nasty Nate said...

Also, just found this one - strange and funny.

50 ways to make a record samples the White Town song (yeah the "Your Woman" dude) called "The Function of the Orgasm"

Way to go Plain Pat! dig in those 90's novelty records!

Anonymous said...

Kid Cudi's last song on the mix "heaven at night" is a ratatat song called "Cherry". Ratatat also produced 2 songs on Cudi's new lp "man on the moon".

Anonymous said...

oooops i meant... Kid Cudi's last song on the mix "heaven at night" is a ratatat song called "Tacobel Canon". Ratatat also produced 2 songs on Cudi's new lp "man on the moon".

arbeitslooser said...

About "Spazzin'" not THAT obvious. There is not only the NERD sample!
At 0:48 in the single version, there is a sample which sounds like a 70 or 80s song. Has this ever been identified?